Avner Krohn

Chairman and chief executive officer

Guided by his inherent entrepreneurial spirit and winning intuition, Avner embarked on a career path of real estate development in his early 20’s and never looked back. He is proficient in acquiring, financing, permitting, construction, and demographics and has developed tens of millions of projects.  A proponent of real estate revitalization, historic preservation and sustainable community growth, he is focused on maximizing value for all stakeholders.  As Chairman and CEO of Jasko Development, Avner is known for creating dynamic investment strategies, including optimized site selection, all-inclusive build-to- suit developments, and simple turnkey lease solutions.  When other developers see marginalized or challenging properties, Avner sees opportunities - and he literally develops results.  Avner is dedicated to understanding the economics, opportunities and vulnerabilities of communities in which he operates.  Avner was the past chairman of the New Britain Downtown District for four years, where he participated in urban planning, streetscape design, and promoted gentrification.


Mark Friedland

Senior Vice President, Construction

Mark Friedland manages the daily operations of Jasko portfolio, overseeing every aspect of the development process.  A licensed building official and inspector, Mark is committed to excellence, delivering highly specialized projects across the multifamily, commercial and healthcare sectors.


Kevin Brissett

Vice President of Property ManagEment

The most recently added member of the Jasko Development team, Kevin Brissett brings a decade of management and customer service experience to the Jasko Development team. As the front-man and contact point for all tenant relationships, Kevin’s exemplary problem-solving skills are matched by his enthusiasm, dedication and boundless energy.


Gary Hudkins

Accounts Payable/Marketing

Bringing years of experience in the advertising and marketing fields, Gary’s hand is evident in every piece of Jasko’s print and social media marketing. Gary also serves as the Accounts Payable contact for all outside vendors and services contracted in the construction and management of Jasko Development projects. Gary handles all QuickBooks reporting, AIA documentation, and bank reporting.